Thursday, June 15, 2006


Received 15th June 2006

I am looking into my family tree and it appears from the 1881 census my ancestors came from Cople, Beds. They were the Hartwell Family and they were Lace Makers. There was Thomas (Son), Naomi (Head), Emily and Sarah. Any Help would be wonderful

Many thanks

Tracey Binks

John Harris

Received: 3rd April 2006

My great grandfather, William Harris from Rushden moved to Bedford but his brother John who was born in 1813 (also in Rushden) moved to Cople with his family in the 1850s. He was a farmer, cattle dealer and publican. Through information gathered on the various census, he farmed around 85 acres and his address was given as The Dog Inn Cople. I see you have only one pub so it could now be a private house.

I know it is a longshot, but am wondering whether you know anything about this property or of any decendants from this family still in the village. Harris is a dreadful name to research - there are thousands of them!!

Many thanks


PS My father was born in Newton Bromswold in 1885 into a farming family. John would have been his great uncle.

The older Cople Vicarage

Received: February 2006

I have been asked by Jim if I can identify this grand looking vicarage. He wondered if it existed in Cople.

I have suggested the place name might have said ODELL but I have only seen the scanned image. Jim, who has the original, thinks it could have said COPLE.

Does anyone know which building was the Cople Vicarage around 1900 or do you recognise this house?


Received 5th May 2004 - from Lynda

Just to let you know that Margarette Yerrill is still alive. Sadly uncle Eric Yerrill died two weeks ago. Bian Yerrill is still going strong. This is his daughter Lynda.


Received 11th May 2004 - from Nina

I lived with my nan in Northill Road up until 1955. Her name was Muriel Eagle married to Harry Eagle. They had four children - Rob, Nelson , Paul and Joyce (Bubbles). Rob used to live with Con in Waterend but has moved to Willington Road. Nelson lives in Willington with Edna, Paul lives in Bedford. Bubbles moved to Bedford in 1955. My name was Nina Hitchcock and I had a sister Sally. When we lived in Northill Road there was Brian and Graham Minney, Maureen, Jackie, Brenda and Bonnie Worrall. Ann Bennett. I often see Sylvia Corn as she was known, she is now married to a green bowler (which my husband Peter and I play). Nina

Eagle - Northill Road

Received 11th May 2004 - unsigned

My family come from Cople and I showed my parents your e-mail. We lived with my nan in Northill road - the Minnies Graham and Brian lived at the end, then there was the Worralls -Bonnie, Jackie and Maureen, then the Barratts - Ann. My family's name is Eagle - nan was Muriel married Harry had four children - Rob, Paul Nelson and Joyce known as Bubbles. We moved to Bedford from Cople when I was 9 (1955). Con and Rob Eagle used to live in Waterend but moved to Willington Road, Edna and Nelson moved to Willington. Paul was in the army then moved to Clapham and is now in Bedford. Mum went to school with a lot of the names mentioned.


From Marcia in 2003

I've sent Christmas cards and have had no replies. I'd like to know if my uncle Jeff Nicholls is still amongst the living? He lives on Northill road. And do you know anyone else who has a computer in Cople? Can you e-mail the pub? It has a special place in my heart. My mom made it rock in WW2. It was one busy place. My mum and dad (Joyce and Archie Robinson) were people before their time. We also had the blacksmith shop.Cople church also has a special place in my heart! Is Margerette Yerrill, Esme, and EiIlene, & Gwen Lack, Dorothy and Eric Yerrill Still around in Cople? Does Esme still work for Allen Heart? What's the population as of this year? I also remember Peter Burr, and Peter and Allen Jennings. Just walking down memory lane, haven't been home to Cople in 10 - 12 years. Sure do miss it.

You occassionally send an email to me but I am unable to reply as your return address is always invalid.
Please check your return email address and contact me again.
Meanwhile I am publishing your email here in case anyone from Cople can answer these questions