Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thomas and Bennet Grey to Hayter-Menzies

Email from Grant Hayter-Menzies [please send any replies to grant_menzies at yahoo dot com unless specifically relating to Cople, thanks Ian]

My descent from Thomas and Bennet Grey:

Thomas Grey

m. Bennet Launcelyn


Reynold Grey

m. Elizabeth Isaac


Anne Grey

m. Simon Digby of Bedale


Everard Digby

m. Katherine Stockbridge


Elizabeth Digby

m. Enoch Lynde


Simon Lynde of Boston

m. Hannah Newgate


Nathaniel Lynde of Old Saybrook, Connecticut

m. Susanna Willoughby


Hannah Lynde of Lyme, Connecticut

m. Rev. George Griswold


Lucretia Griswold

m. Col. Jonathan Latimer


Borodell Latimer

m. Eusebius Bushnell


Clarissa Bushnell

m. Isham Baird


Nancy Baird

m. James Shewmake


Elizabeth Shewmake

m. Samuel Selathiel Mason


Elizabeth Ann Mason

m. Elijah Clark Lewis


Charles Benjamin Lewis

m. Eliza Bartow Kelly


Nina J. Lewis

m. Earl Weston Strawser


Glenda Joyce Strawser

m. Ronald Grant Menzies


Grant Menzies, b. 1964

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grey, Launcelyn, Digby, Lynde, Locke

Extracts from some emails between Vaughan Southgate and Grant Menzies

Thank you for confirming Bennet Grey's parentage - it makes the brasses of John and Alice Launcelyn all the more meaningful to me. I have read that John Launcelyn was justice of the peace for the county, and lived at a property called Woodend, but didn't know how Bennet was related to him. I shall now have the pleasure of looking into his history as well!

My connection to the Greys and Launcelyns is through Simon Digby of Bedale, who married Anne Grey, granddaughter of Thomas and Bennet Grey. Their granddaughter, Elizabeth Digby, married a London merchant named Enoch Lynde, and their son, Simon Lynde (who was brought by his mother's cousin, the Earl of Bristol, to kiss the hand of King Charles I), became a prominent citizen of Boston, Massachusetts. I descend from Simon's granddaughter, Hannah Lynde, who married the Rev. George Griswold in Connecticut. For years it was thought that Anne Grey Digby was from another branch of the Grey family (one with a descent from Edward III, if memory serves). I think the correct ancestry is much more interesting, as it takes in the Launcelyns, the Isaacs, and Guildfords. It was families like these that really made up the backbone of their England.

I'm especially intrigued by the connection to Henry VIII via John and Alice Launcelyn's daughter. The king was also connected to my ancestor Sir William Locke, when he was Sheriff of London and mercer to the court. It was a small world even then!

If someone recognises the names, is perhaps a descendant, or simply has an interest in local history and can supply more information for Grant Hayter-Menzies at
(Vaughan Southgate)

Monday, May 31, 2010


I have recently completed ten years of research into the Hartwell family and many of my ancestors came from Cople.

If any of your readers are interested in the Hartwell's I would be willing to share info with them. As a matter of interest the original Hartwell's are from Hartwell village in Northamptonshire which was under the protection of Odo, William the Conquer's brother following 1066. It wasn't until very much later that they moved into Bedfordshire.

After over ten years of research I have taken the family back to William the Conqueror and Sir Simon Hartwell. Sir Simon married Simone and they had a son Sir Geoffrey and there is the start of the current line in England. The father of Sir Simon came over with Wm The Conqueror from Normandy and I have narrowed him down to a handful of Knights who were close to William, but I think it unlikely I shall ever be able to identify which one.

Does anyone have any photographs or information about James Hartwell born 1811 in Cople and married Mary Hill or James Hartwell born 1843 in Cople who married Elizabeth Geary.

Having just seen your splendid web site and the Peter Burr archive which was fascinating, it crossed my mind that there just might be something somewhere, and as I do not possess any pics at all of the Cople Hartwells I would be ever so grateful if anyone could help.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

William Eastwell

My Gt.Gt. Grandfather was a William Ashwell, born to Martha Ashwell (out of wedlock) on 6th July 1849 at Girtford, near Potton. possibly in the workhouse.

In 1852 Martha moved to Cople to live with a William Eastwell, a widower with several children. His deaceased wife was called Mary Ann Eastwell.

Martha and William married in 1854 I think and had 3 children together.

Martha died (possibly in childbirth) in 1862 at the age of 36.

I think William Eastwell lived at Water End (according to one of the census records I hold) and he was a farm labourer.

Would there be any record of the Cople Eastwells at your church? Would there be any record of Marthas burial or the christening of her three children in your church archives? If not, would you know where they would be? Does the church hold detailed burial plans?

I would be grateful to receive any information

Pamela Blackburn.