Sunday, January 10, 2010

William Eastwell

My Gt.Gt. Grandfather was a William Ashwell, born to Martha Ashwell (out of wedlock) on 6th July 1849 at Girtford, near Potton. possibly in the workhouse.

In 1852 Martha moved to Cople to live with a William Eastwell, a widower with several children. His deaceased wife was called Mary Ann Eastwell.

Martha and William married in 1854 I think and had 3 children together.

Martha died (possibly in childbirth) in 1862 at the age of 36.

I think William Eastwell lived at Water End (according to one of the census records I hold) and he was a farm labourer.

Would there be any record of the Cople Eastwells at your church? Would there be any record of Marthas burial or the christening of her three children in your church archives? If not, would you know where they would be? Does the church hold detailed burial plans?

I would be grateful to receive any information

Pamela Blackburn.