Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rev. Joseph John Atkins

Rev. Joseph John Atkins, who I believe was a resident of Cople, was a priest - seemingly at Cople Church - and also had links with All Saints Church in Leamington Spa. He passed away on 19th June 1936 and was buried in Cople churchyard on 23rd June 1936.

I have found a printed 'thank you' card from the family of the late Joseph John Atkins to other members of my family in Leamington/Coventry area, and the address at the bottom of the card is "The Vicarage, Cople, Beds". This would suggest that he and his family lived at The Vicarage during his time in Cople.
My grandfather, Charles, was Joseph's brother

I would very much appreciate any information anyone is able to give.

John Atkins

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