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Just a snippet of info about my ancestors who lived in Cople - my great great grandfather John Wilmot was the schoolmaster in 1861 he was 37 yrs of age and lived at the school with his wife and seven children.

In 1871 he was a tailor and rates collector and lived at no.46 nr. to Octagon Farm. In 1891 he lived at Rose Cottage his family was smaller because the children had married and left home. Rose Cottage was next to the Five Bells.

One of his sons William Henry Wilmot married and stayed in the village as a house painter with his family. They lived in Church Row in 1891. This is where my grandmother was born and lived until she married then moved to Harrowden Rd. where I was born.

My grandmother Jessie Wilmot (married name Taylor) was a dressmaker and learnt her skills in a little thatched cottage on the way out of Cople to the right of the Five Bells - I think it has since been demolished. She used to point it out to me whenever we drove passed on a Sunday.

My G.G.Grandfather has quite a large burial plot in the churchyard where he, his wife and one of his daughters is buried. The family were there for two generations.

I wonder if anyone has any information about them - especially my GG Grandfather?

I am sending a scanned photo taken from around 1940 of William Henry Wilmot who was my great grandfather and who lived in Cople most of his life as a house painter. He married Jane Hulatt from Pavenham on the 25th December 1889 (Christmas day - did they really marry on this day in those days - I don't know). His children were - Wilfred A. (he ran the post office along the road between Cople and Cardington) Sidney W (he was killed in the WW2-name on Cardington memorial) Jessie Fanny (my grandmother - married WF Taylor) Donald (married Alice and lived in Acacia Rd.) Lillian (married Bill Caves and ran the post office gnl stores in Elstow on the green - now a family home) Nellie (married a policeman - to become chief constable -I think) lastly Amy (I don't think she lived to an elderly age.)

William Henry Wilmot had a brother called Frank who is reported on one of the census' as an imbecile, but he was an epileptic and tragically died after falling into the village pond during a fit and drowned. He was 22. there was a report in the local newspaper at the time.It isn't a very clear picture I'm almost certain it was taken in the back garden of Harrowden Road house where my grandmother lived (Jessie Fanny Taylor)


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Ian said...

-- Posted by admin on behalf of Mrs Cave --

Hi, I was interested in reading your blog re: The Wilmots

I am married to Geoff Cave son of William (Bill) and Lillian of Elstow
and I have just started to research his family history, but have not
got very far yet.
Geoff has a sister Joyce living in Wales, brother Cliff and sister Peggy
have passed away.

Nice to read about the Wilmots. We remember aunt Nellie and have visited
the burial plot in Cople as mentioned in your piece.

Many thanks for the informative blog

Mrs Daphne Cave
Bromham Beds