Thursday, March 19, 2009


I stumbled on your site tonight and via the link to was very excited to see that someone apart from me is researching the Brimley's!

I would love to get in touch with Carol who has posted a blog regarding her husbands 2x great grandfather, John Brimley and his father Eli Brimley. Eli is my second cousin 6 times removed.

I am rapidly "joining the dots" between most Bedfordshire Brimley's (and others, its just the Lancashire Brimleys that have me stumped!) I have gathered quite a bit of info together and would be happy to share. The one thing I am really desperate for is any photos of any Brimley's - I have turned my dining room into a family history room and have started a collection of black and white photos. I have been able to get quite a few for my husbands family but am sadly lacking on the Brimley side!

If an appeal could be posted on your site for such photos I would be extremely grateful - I have come to know so much about this family that it would be great to have faces to put to the names (and it doesn't really matter where they come from - the chances are they are in my tree and therefore a relation!)

My own direct line started with Samuel Brimly c1714 Cranfield and through the generations in Cardington, Willington, Goldington and eventually ending up in Edmonton, London.I look forward to hearing from you




christal said...

I have been researching my Pestell ancestors from Cople, they lived there in the 1700 & 1800's. For the Brimley researchers William Pestell married Maria Brimley in 1809, in Willington. I have family
who still live in Cople, Gordon & Esme Lack, I was their bridesmaid 50 years ago. We used to travel from Coventry to visit family in Cople and Willington. I was born in Moggerhanger.
Christine Faulkner (nee Lack)

christal said...

I am researching my Pestell ancestors who lived in Cople in the 1700 7 1800's. For the people researching the Brimley's. William Pestell married Maria Brimley on the 6th April 1779, in Cople. I still have relatives in Cople to this day. Gordon & Esme Lack, I was their bridesmaid over 50 years ago and visited them as a child with my parents.
Christine Faulkner (nee Lack) Coventry