Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eagle - Northill Road

Received 11th May 2004 - unsigned

My family come from Cople and I showed my parents your e-mail. We lived with my nan in Northill road - the Minnies Graham and Brian lived at the end, then there was the Worralls -Bonnie, Jackie and Maureen, then the Barratts - Ann. My family's name is Eagle - nan was Muriel married Harry had four children - Rob, Paul Nelson and Joyce known as Bubbles. We moved to Bedford from Cople when I was 9 (1955). Con and Rob Eagle used to live in Waterend but moved to Willington Road, Edna and Nelson moved to Willington. Paul was in the army then moved to Clapham and is now in Bedford. Mum went to school with a lot of the names mentioned.

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