Thursday, June 15, 2006


Received 11th May 2004 - from Nina

I lived with my nan in Northill Road up until 1955. Her name was Muriel Eagle married to Harry Eagle. They had four children - Rob, Nelson , Paul and Joyce (Bubbles). Rob used to live with Con in Waterend but has moved to Willington Road. Nelson lives in Willington with Edna, Paul lives in Bedford. Bubbles moved to Bedford in 1955. My name was Nina Hitchcock and I had a sister Sally. When we lived in Northill Road there was Brian and Graham Minney, Maureen, Jackie, Brenda and Bonnie Worrall. Ann Bennett. I often see Sylvia Corn as she was known, she is now married to a green bowler (which my husband Peter and I play). Nina

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