Thursday, June 15, 2006


From Marcia in 2003

I've sent Christmas cards and have had no replies. I'd like to know if my uncle Jeff Nicholls is still amongst the living? He lives on Northill road. And do you know anyone else who has a computer in Cople? Can you e-mail the pub? It has a special place in my heart. My mom made it rock in WW2. It was one busy place. My mum and dad (Joyce and Archie Robinson) were people before their time. We also had the blacksmith shop.Cople church also has a special place in my heart! Is Margerette Yerrill, Esme, and EiIlene, & Gwen Lack, Dorothy and Eric Yerrill Still around in Cople? Does Esme still work for Allen Heart? What's the population as of this year? I also remember Peter Burr, and Peter and Allen Jennings. Just walking down memory lane, haven't been home to Cople in 10 - 12 years. Sure do miss it.

You occassionally send an email to me but I am unable to reply as your return address is always invalid.
Please check your return email address and contact me again.
Meanwhile I am publishing your email here in case anyone from Cople can answer these questions

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